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David Randall

David Randall

Bluffton, SC


Randall was born into several generations of artists and raised in the suburban surroundings of
northern New Jersey. Conversation around the dinner table was often about a current portrait, life drawing
or illustration. Despite winning awards while in High School, one awarded by Ben Shahn, he nevertheless found the decision to become a painter difficult. He joined the army at nineteen and after a tour of duty in Vietnam he decided that he had no
choice but to become an artist. He began studying drawing, painting and sculpture in NYC at the
National Academy of Fine Arts and then at the New York Studio School with Philip Guston, Mercedes
Matter, Leland Bell, Peter Agostini and Sydney Geyst coming in contact with many of the leading figures
in the, "Abstract Expressionist" movement at that time in New York.
He soon moved to Bennington, VT where he enjoyed the country landscape. Taking a night shift
position in order to paint by day, he also opened a small art supply and gallery in town and began working on both landscape and figurative subjects, exhibiting locally.
In the late seventies he relocated to Manhattan, sharing a loft in an old tobacco warehouse near
South Street Seaport with two artists he had known in Vermont. He continued to explore both figurative and city environments from subway bag ladies to scenes of his Fulton Fish Market neighborhood. He grew tired of city loft life and left for Newport, RI in 1981. The New England rocky coastline and seacoast became his new environment.
Changing mediums can be a process of discovery and can help an artist grow. The growth process is somewhat uncomfortable by necessity. Without growth and change, there is a
kind of death in repetition. It requires a kind of rebirth and seeing in new ways to remain both flexible
and vulnerable.
In 2004 he moved to Bluffton, South Carolina and is creating and universal and lowcountry imagery.
He has work is in both corporate and private collections



Tree Farm II by David Randall


Green Oaks by David Randall


Alvin by David Randall


Singleton Beach by David Randall


Tree Farm by David Randall


Weeds by David Randall


Savannah Escort by David Randall


Low Tide II by David Randall


Low Tide by David Randall


Agave II by David Randall


Red and Green by David Randall


Dunes by David Randall


Shade by David Randall


Nooo by David Randall


Polo by David Randall


Agave by David Randall


May River Docks by David Randall


May River Fog by David Randall


Sabal by David Randall


Beach Walkway by David Randall


Sunflowers by David Randall


Washingtonia by David Randall


Afternoon Kayak by David Randall


Marsh View by David Randall


Blue Umbrellas by David Randall


Harbour Town Light by David Randall


Savannah Tug by David Randall


Savannah Morning by David Randall


Desire by David Randall


St. Peters by David Randall


Couple by David Randall